Chris Helped Us Adopt

After our daughter was born, my partner and I knew we needed to make legal arrangements to protect our family. Chris helped us figure out everything we needed to do, walked us through the decisions we needed to make, and did a great job explaining all of our now-indispensable documents. Thanks to Chris, we know our daughter will be taken care of if anything happens to us. Get your adoption now!

Chris Assisted With Real Estate Transaction

We were recently married and needed to transfer a real estate title to joint ownership.  Working with Chris was great!  She advised us on how the process worked and then handled all the complicated filing requirements.

We highly recommend Chris Tymchuck Estate Planning

We highly recommend Chris Tymchuck for fulfilling your Estate Planning needs. Chris was able to explain the process, collect our data and produce clear and professional results without delay. Chris is well versed in the laws and gives 100% to her clients. We appreciate all she has done for us in the past and are comforted in knowing she is there to support us well into the future.

Great Service at a Reasonable Cost

Chris prepared an Estate Plan for my partner and I. I work in the legal field but know very little about Estate Planning. Chris met with us on several occasions describing our options and asked many questions to determine our needs. She was patient, but touched base periodically to keep us on task. She made several recommendations and explained her reasoning thoroughly. She also provided insight into tax laws and displayed a strong knowledge of these and their ramifications. She responded promptly to follow-up questions and put together a comprehensive package for us. She provided clear and easy-to-follow instructions during the planning phase as well as during finalization of the documents and our responsibilites thereafter. I Greatly appreciate her desire to make sure my partner and I both understood our options and were 100 percent comfortable with our final decisions. Thanks to Chris, we now have protection in place for each other, our assets and our last days on earth. She provided great service at a reasonable cost and she has become part of our family through this process.

Trust Chris to Create The Estate Plan You Need

I am very happy with Chris.  I feel that she helps me understand legal concepts well.  I trust her to create estate planning that I need. As a single Mom, it was important to me to have a plan for my child in case anything ever happens to me. Chris walked me through the process and explained everything in a way that helped me know my child is protected.

Chris Is a Knowledgeable Advocate

In Chris, we got an advocate who was willing to meet us in convenient locations and spend quality time listening to our needs. She impressed us with her vast knowledge of the legal system and ability to clearly convey the intricacies of legal decisions. I highly recommend working with Chris to assure that you understand what legal protection is available to you and your family.

Worth the Fee

Chris helped me work with the court and title company to sell my parents’ home when I learned it was subject to a Medical Assistance lien after they both died.  I was really pleased with her handling of the situation and felt her assistance was well worth the fee.  I felt more comfortable having her on my side.  She was involved at every step of the process and kept on top of the court, county and title companies until the deal was done.  Her participation had a calming effect in just knowing I had someone watching out for me even though I live in a different state.

Pain Free Planning

Chris made the estate planning process a lot less painful than we thought it would be.

Knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorney Who Listens

Chris is great!  She is very professional and is able to communicate all of the legal jargon into layman’s terms.  We feel very fortunate to have Chris as our attorney.  She is very knowledegable, listens to our situation and is able to recommend a legal package that fits out needs.

Great At Providing Information on Estates

Our organization invited Chris in for a Lunch and Learn session. Chris was an engaging speaker who provided a great overview of estate planning – walking participants through advantages and disadvantages of the options available to them. She provided participants with several things to consider to be better prepared to make informed choices.

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