Guardianship Attorney

Chris helped us set up our estate planning and guardianship documents. Chris showed professionalism and was detail oriented to help us meet our needs. It is a comfort to know that, if anything happens to us, our children and family will be able to carry out our wishes. It was a pleasure working with her!

Most Knowledgeable in Her Field

We went to Chris with questions about trust vs will and what was the best options for our needs. Chris listened and asked questions. She was attentive, engaged and made suggestions that were tailor made for us. In addition to her expertise with estate planning, I really appreciated her insights about being proactive in our affairs. She clearly explained everything with grace and humor. I have had occasion to work with attorneys before working with Chris, and I can say without hesitation she is one of the most knowledgeable in her field. She also has an excellent understanding of people and life situations that provides a depth and quality to her information. She is thorough and diligent in preparing documents. I would enthusiastically recommend Chris Tymchuck to my friends and family!

Great Speaker

Chris Tymchuck came to speak at Aveda Corporation and did a great job covering a lot of ground in under an hour. She had a very professional presentation with supplemental materials, but elevated what could be very dry content with warm, personal touches and examples. Attendees said the presentation was very helpful, and I hope we have an opportunity to work with Chris again.

Chris always responded quickly and thoughtfully

Chris provided my family with much-needed expertise and professionalism during the probate process after losing a loved one.  Her insight and wisdom was invaluable in making sure that everything went as smoothly as possible. Given that I was the personal representative for the estate, I knew that I could trust her to provide me with advice and support to successfully complete the probate requirements. Chris always responded quickly and thoughtfully to my questions throughout this experience.

In fact, I was so impressed with her work, I decided to have Chris help my mother with estate planning.  Again, her efforts were thorough and professional but with just the right amount of humor in her approach to make my mom feel good about this difficult topic. She put both of our minds at ease knowing that final wishes will be clearly spelled out. Chris is truly one of a kind and I give her my very highest recommendation to anyone needing help with their estate planning.

We have peace of mind with Chris as our trusted adviser

If you are a same-sex couple that understands the importance of a carefully constructed estate plan, but have uncertainty about your legal rights or simply don’t know where to begin, contact Chris Tymchuck. She lead us through the adoption process, and eliminated guesswork when creating legal documents that protect our family including wills, health care directives, and powers of attorney. Estate planning can be challenging, causing undue stress and anxiety. We have peace of mind with Chris as our trusted adviser, and recommend that you work with her to assure that you have confidence in your plan as well.
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