The Perils of Drafting an Estate Plan Using AI/ChatGPT

By Chris Tymchuck
Founding Attorney

As artificial intelligence continues to integrate into our daily lives, tools like ChatGPT are emerging as helpers in various tasks, including drafting legal documents. But is using AI for something as crucial as your estate plan a good idea? This approach raises several concerns, from privacy issues to the accuracy of the legal content, which could impact the validity of your estate documents. Here, we examine why relying on AI for estate planning might not be the safest bet. Seeking professional legal advice for your estate planning can provide the reassurance and guidance needed to navigate these potential risks.

The Privacy Concerns of AI Tools

Using AI tools like ChatGPT to draft estate plans raises significant privacy concerns. When you input personal information into these platforms, it’s processed and potentially stored on servers, which could be vulnerable to breaches. This means that details about your assets, family relationships, and other confidential information, such as your health status or financial situation, might not be as secure as you’d hope. The inherent risk of data exposure is particularly troubling in estate planning, where discretion and confidentiality are paramount. As such, the privacy of your personal data could be compromised, leaving you and your family’s sensitive information at risk of being accessed by unauthorized parties.

Gaps in AI Legal Knowledge

AI tools like ChatGPT offer general assistance based on vast information databases, but they lack the specific legal knowledge necessary for accurate estate planning. Estate laws vary significantly between states and countries, requiring precise, localized understanding to ensure compliance and effectiveness. AI may not accurately interpret nuanced legal requirements or adapt to the latest changes in legislation, leading to potentially flawed or invalid estate documents. For example, an AI might miss state-specific clauses essential for the validity of wills or trusts, leaving your estate plan vulnerable to challenges. These gaps in localized and current legal knowledge can result in critical errors that a qualified estate planning attorney would navigate with ease.

Estate Planning Is a Personal Process

Estate planning is a deeply personal process that should reflect each individual’s unique circumstances and wishes. Unlike AI, which provides generic advice based on broad data sets, a human touch understands the subtleties of personal relationships and specific family dynamics. This personalized approach ensures that your estate plan not only complies with legal standards but also aligns with your personal goals and the needs of your beneficiaries. It considers everything from individual financial situations to personal values and family heirlooms, crafting a plan that truly represents your wishes. In contrast, AI might miss these personalized nuances, offering a one-size-fits-all solution that may not suit everyone’s specific needs.

Potential Legal and Financial Risks

Relying on AI for estate planning can introduce serious legal and financial risks. Mistakes in drafting wills, trusts, or other estate documents can lead to disputes among beneficiaries, potentially resulting in costly litigation. For instance, an AI-generated will might fail to comply with state-specific witnessing requirements, risking invalidation of the document. Additionally, improper asset distribution instructions could lead to unintended tax consequences or failure to protect the estate from future creditors. These errors not only jeopardize the financial security of your heirs but can also prolong the probate process, increasing expenses and stress for your loved ones. The stakes are high, and the precision a skilled attorney offers is indispensable to avoid such pitfalls.

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