Probate Fees - Unique Estate Law Minneapolis

Probate Fees – Unique Estate Law Minneapolis

Unique Estate Law handles probate fees matters on an hourly basis.  In our continuing effort at offering our clients financial transparency, we guarantee a fair and honest quote for handling a probate matter will be provided BEFORE you hire us.

In addition, we understand it may not be possible to pay a full retainer upon hiring us. That is why we offer flexible payment plans that work with your financial resources. If the money is all tied up during the probate, we can sign a simple agreement for you to pay us out of the estate proceeds. Other clients have used a credit card and charged a monthly amount to break up the fees. Let us work with you on a solution.

There may be factors that arise during administration that cause the fee to increase, but we will contact you immediately if we feel the fee will be more than the original quote.  Factors that impact fees are: size and complexity of the estate; disposition of property; relationships among heirs.  Total fees from the opening to closing of the estate generally range from $3,000 – $12,000.  Services include:

  • Representation of Administrators and Executors of Estates;
  • Assistance with opening estate, gathering assets, filing Inventories and Accounts and distributing assets;
  • Consultative assistance (rather than full representation) for small estates,
  • Assisting agents appointed under a Power of Attorney in carrying out their duties;
  • Help with gathering and accounting for assets;
  • Communication with the court, or other members of the family involved in the estate

Certain cases involving the courts may require court-filing fees, and transactions involving real estate transfers will require County Recorder recording fees. Again, we will inform you of these costs up front.  An example of my retainer agreement is on my website for you to review up front as well.

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If you are interested in understanding probate fees, contact us today by filling out a contact form or calling us at (952) 260-2043 with any questions you might have. Feel free to check out our general fees page for more pricing information.

From within Hennepin County Unique Estate Law represents clients throughout Minnesota, including Minneapolis, Bloomington, St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, Wayzata, Chanhassen, and Excelsior.