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When individuals, couples, and families in Scott County need first-rate estate planning services, they turn to Unique Estate Law. We work with clients from all walks of life, including the LGBTQ+ community, to tailor their estate plans to their unique needs and objectives.

When you partner with us, you can be confident in our team’s skill, experience, and dedication to serving the community with the highest professional standards. Lead attorney Chris Tymchuk is a highly regarded estate planning lawyer with keen insight into the challenges of planning an estate in all types of scenarios. You can depend on Chris to provide compassionate, efficient representation and guide you on your estate planning journey. Contact our office today to set up a consultation. 

Assisting Scott County Residents With All Their Estate Planning Needs

Suppose you need a will to protect your new family or a trust-based estate plan to protect your assets and preserve your wealth. That’s where Unique Estate Law comes in. We regularly prepare a host of foundational estate planning documents:

A will is the cornerstone of a well-conceived estate plan that determines how your assets will be managed and distributed after your death, names an estate administrator or executor, designates a guardian to care for your minor children, and allows you to establish a testamentary trust for their benefit. 

At the same time, a will must go through a probate proceeding, which can be costly and time-consuming depending on the size of your estate. That’s why we recommend establishing various trusts.

For example, you can transfer your property to a revocable living trust but continue managing it during your lifetime. The trust assets will transfer to your beneficiaries without probate when you pass. Notably, all trusts must go through an administrative phase to carry out their terms.

Another option is an irrevocable trust, which cannot be modified, altered, or revoked. Irrevocable trusts can serve several different purposes, such as:

Importantly, irrevocable trusts avoid probate and safeguard your assets from estate taxes and creditors’ claims.

Estate Planning for LGBTQ Families in Scott County

Although marriage equality is the law of the land in Minnesota and around the country, LGBTQ families face unique estate planning challenges. If you pass without a will, for example, or a custody dispute arises over non-biological children, you need a compassionate estate planning law to protect your rights and interests. Unique Estate Law proudly serves the LGBTQ+ community in Scott County. Gay-owned and operated, our team will work to find innovative solutions and protect your rights and interests.

Probate and Estate Administration Lawyer 

Our firm regularly advises clients in Scott County on probate and estate administration proceedings. While many are familiar with the term probate, it can still be complicated and confusing. High-net-worth estates can be especially challenging to administer.  No matter your circumstances, trust Unique Estate Law to guide you through the process.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Unique Estate Law for your estate planning needs means you’re placing your trust in a team that is genuinely committed to your best interests. Our approach is holistic and client-centered, ensuring that every aspect of your estate plan reflects your desires and goals. We understand the critical importance of a well-crafted estate plan, whether it’s securing your family’s future, managing your assets, or ensuring your legacy is preserved with care and precision. Our dedication to excellence and personalized service sets us apart in the realm of estate planning.

With Unique Estate Law, you benefit from the vast experience and deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals and families in estate planning. We are more than just legal advisors; we are your partners in planning for the future. Trust in our guidance and advocacy as we navigate the complexities of estate planning together, creating a secure and prosperous future for you and your loved ones.

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