Marriage is NOT ENOUGH. LGBT Rights Still Threatened Under the Current Administration

By Chris Tymchuck
Founding Attorney

A Minnesota Estate Planning Lawyer Discusses the Newest Federal Policy Affecting the LGBT Community

When the US Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage should be recognized across the US, the LGBT community breathed a sigh of relief. The community thought they could relax and this would take off the pressure of fighting for so many rights.

Many clients told me they no longer felt the need to adopt a child in situation where one wife was the birth parent. They felt that marriage would protect the rights of the non-bio parent. They are wrong! They were wrong then and are even more so now after the 2016 election.

This administration is openly hostile to the LGBT community. The current administration has shown its aggression toward gay and lesbian families time and again.

The most recent example is the announcement that the Department of Health and Human Services will create new conscience and religious freedom division that is aimed at providing cover for health-care workers who want to deny providing care that they claim goes against their moral or religious convictions.

Be clear: this will have a direct impact on the LGBT community by allowing health workers to refuse care to someone whose “lifestyle” they object to and the federal government will protect THEM and not the patients.

You may not be able to alter that outcome but you can take steps to protect yourself and your family by completing the necessary paperwork naming your health care agents.

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