Welcome To Unique Family Law


Welcome to Unique Family Law and thanks for reading my first blog post.  This post is a brief introduction to my firm and an explanation of what you can expect from this blog.  I represent unique families, from GLBT families to unmarried couples to blended families.  We each have unique needs that the traditional legal system was not designed to protect.

The legal landscape is fast-changing with regard to the laws that affect unmarried, GLBT or blended families from the legalization of gay marriage in Iowa to Minnesota’s innovative Transfer on Death Deed or Hennepin County’s newly established Co-Parent Court for unmarried parents.  Through this blog, I plan to cover new advancements as well as established law that touch on the lives of unique families by addressing such questions as:

Why do I need a will?

Is a trust really necessary?

Why do I need to have a HIPAA waiver if I have a health care directive?

What’s so bad about probate anyway?