Yes Your Rights Are in Jeopardy: Adopt Now!

A Minnesota Estate Planning and Adoption Attorney Urges Adoption!

When Minnesota legalized same-sex marriage, I had numerous potential clients call and cancel appointments. When I asked why I received variations on the same response.

“Now that we can legally marry, we don’t need [wills, adoptions].” My counterarguments to this are now irrelevant.

What is relevant is the recent Supreme Court abortion ruling. Specifically, Justice Thomas’s language basically begging for the ability to revisit the gay marriage decision. As noted in my prior post, Justice Thomas clearly states his opinion that there is no right to same sex marriage.

State officials are already signaling their willingness to limit the rights of those in the LGBTQ community. We need to be vigilant and proactive to protect our families. As I have explained in the past, simply being listed on a birth certificate is NOT enough to give you legal parental rights. If you are the non-birthing parent, you MUST adopt.

Call for a free initial consultation to further discuss the reasons why being on a birth certificate is insufficient!

I have been handling adoptions for the LGBTQ community for over 15 years. I can help protect you and your family!