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How to Choose the Right Guardian for Your Children

As a parent, providing for your children and making sure they are properly cared for will always be your priority. It can be difficult to think of a time when you might not be around to do this for yourself, but unfortunately, life is full of unpredictable twists and turns. Make sure your kids are always getting the support and care they need regardless of what life throws your way by putting a comprehensive estate plan in place. One of the biggest benefits of having an estate plan in place is that you can select a trusted individual as guardian of your children. Here are some important considerations for when you are selecting the right person for this important role.

How to Choose the Right Guardian for Your Children

When choosing a guardian for your children, you are going to want to look at a number of factors. Parenting skills, for instance, are something to consider. When considering who to name as guardian, think about possible choices and whether they are equipped to fill in a parenting role. They may have kids themselves or they may have cared for your children at some point. Even those without kids can have parenting skills. The fact of the matter is that parenting is not for the faint of heart. Make sure you are selecting a guardian that has the skills to manage this role of great responsibility.

There are also practical matters you are going to want to consider. This includes things like the location and living situation of a potential guardian. You want someone who is in a stable living situation. You also may want to have someone who lives nearby so your children would not have to move. As such, you may want to consider selecting a guardian who already lives nearby or who would be willing to move in the event they were needed to step into the guardian role.

It’s also important to think in the long term. This includes evaluating the age, health, and stage of life of a prospective guardian. You may want your parents to step into the guardian role, but if they are of advanced age or have health concerns, you may want to rethink this so you can select someone who will be able to serve as guardian far into the future. You will also want someone who is in or around a stage of life where they have a solid financial situation and stable job, but who is also prepared to take on children should the need arise. This is all a delicate balance, to be sure. Know that you can also, and should, name alternate guardians who would step up and serve should your primary choice be unwilling or unable to.

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