What Trump Means for the LGBT Community, Part 1: Don’t Panic But Do Be Proactive

A Minnesota Lawyer Explains How LGBT Community Can Be Proactive Given Trump’s Election

Now that the realization has sunk in that Trump will be the president, I am receiving a lot of inquiries from upset (and panicked) clients asking what they can do to protect themselves.

As a result of the volume of these calls, I am drafting a series of blog posts and will put together a LGBT Survival Guide in the Era of Trump to be posted on my website as well.

The first thing is to recognize that change takes time. Despite what he may think, Trump doesn’t alone have the power to change things right away. Many of these changes require approval from Congress and/or the Supreme Court. Of course, with Republicans holding both the Senate and House, there doesn’t appear much of a backstop for us there. In addition, Pence has been clear on where he stands on LGBT rights. Still, change takes time and they do have other priorities to tackle first.

The second thing is to be sure that your relationship with your loved ones (partner/spouse/kids) is as legally protected as you care to make it. a

Don’t want to marry? Be sure you have your estate plan in order.

Have a child together? Be sure you will both be recognized as the legal parent.

Transgender? Get your government issued documents in order

I will write more on each of these items in the coming days.

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