Beneficiary Protection Planning

Beneficiary Protection PlanningGuardian

Choose someone you trust to care for your kids

If you die before your child turns 18, the law requires a guardian to be appointed to be responsible for the care, nurturing, education and discipline of your child. While it’s a good idea for all parents of minors to choose a guardian, it is crucial for nontraditional families where the law may not honor your chosen relationship. Your estate plan should nominate your desired guardian, and provide clear instructions as to the ways you want your children raised in your absence.


Beneficiary Protection PlanningSpendthrift Trust

Protect Your Beneficiaries From Themselves

Minors and young adults are simply incapable of handling an outright distribution of their inheritance. A Spendthrift Trusts allows you to establish a trust to protect minors and young adults “from themselves.” You may choose the date – or event – upon which you believe your beneficiaries will be financially mature enough to terminate the trust and give the children be given unfettered access and control.


Beneficiary Protection PlanningIncentive Trusts

Provide incentives to Your Beneficiaries

Often parents desire to establish trusts designed to instill “values” and provide incentive for accomplishment. Conditions may be placed on the distribution of inheritance. Common conditions include: educational goals; career goals; and social goals. Unique Estate Law will design and custom draft a trust to match your wishes.


Beneficiary Protection PlanningLifetime Inheritance Protection Trust

Protect Your Beneficiaries Assets

Lifetime Inheritance Protection Trusts can provide all of the benefits of the other identified trusts. But they can do much more. Even when the “conditions” are met (e.g., age, maturity, accomplishments), the trust continues. The purpose of this continuation is not to “govern” the beneficiary – but to protect your beneficiaries from “creditors and predators.” Unique Estate Law can design your trust to safeguard inheritances from divorces, judgments, creditors, etc.

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